Posted by CANbike on Sun, 11 Aug 2013

GIMP: Table

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) does not directly support tables. There is, however, an indirect method to make simple tables that are editable.

GIMP Table Support?

GIMP is an image editor, not a word processor. As a result, it was not designed to create and edit tables.

A Poor Image Solution:

A common solution, though, is to create a table in another program and save it to an image file. The image file can then be imported into GIMP as layer.

Unfortunately, the text will not be editable by GIMP and formatting will be limited to image manipulation.

A Simple Table Creation

The GIMP Text Tool can be used to create simple tables.

  • Rows are separated by a newline
  • Columns are separated by a tab (multiple tabs may be required)

Surprisingly, Text Tool can maintain column alignment for a limited width with tabs. If the width is too small, then multiple tabs can be used to separate columns for better alignment.

Faster Data Input via Spreadsheets:

Typing in the text tool can be cumbersome due to the limited space and options. The process is made even more tedious by adding tabs.

Thankfully, text can be cut and paste from a spreadsheet into the the Text Tool, with automatic tab delimination separating columns!

GIMP Tutorial: Table

The following are instructions to quickly make a simple table in GIMP.

  1. Start a spreadsheet program and create a table
  2. Select the whole table
  3. Copy the table
  4. Start GIMP and Select the Text Tool
  5. Click on the canvas for the Text Editor
  6. In the Text Editor, right click and select paste*
    * Tabs are automatically inserted to separate columns
  7. Edit/format the table text
  8. Add some graphics
  9. Save the image and close the programs

GIMP Table Tutorial-01-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-02-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-03-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-04-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-05-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-06-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-07-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-08-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-09-thumb.jpgGIMP Table Tutorial-10-thumb.jpg