Posted by CANbike on Thu, 11 Jul 2013

[Flashlight] Energizer Weatheready & Hard Case Review

As of June 5, 2013 Home Depot was clearing out the older Energizer flashlights to make room for the new 2013 Fusion models.

Since the Weatheready and Hard Case models were 50% off, it was hard to resist this bargain.

Yes, these lights use older LED technology (mostly Nichia LEDs and the like) but they would make great emergency lights as they use commonly available battery sizes (AAA, AA, or D). Moreover, these older LEDs may not put out as many lumens as the newer Cree LEDs, but they still excel at lower lumens with long battery life.

Since all the models were $10 or less, six different models were purchased to see what a company like Energizer could do.

Check out the links below for thoughts and impressions of the lights.

Model Power Source Price Rating
Hard Case LED Project Light 4 AA $10.00 4/5
Hard Case LED Task Light 2 AA $8.50 4/5
LED Pen Light 2 AAA $4.00 3.75/5
Weatheready 3 in 1 Led Light 4 AA $7.50 4.5/5
Weatheready Compact Led Light 4 AA $5.00 3.5/5
Weatheready LED Folding Lantern 4 D $10 4.5/5