Posted by CANbike on Sun, 29 Jun 2014

Chromecast: Icon Appears on TV When Tab Casting (OS X)

A Chromecast was purchased and it worked well with an Android tablet. However, when tab casting from a Chrome browser in OS X, only a blue casting icon would appear on the TV! The following presents the problem and a solution for OS X.

The Problem: Tab Casting not Working

While tab casting from a Chrome Browser in OS X, only an icon would appear on the TV. Waiting a few minutes resulted in no changes, as the blue icon remained on the screen.

Photo of Casting Icon on TV

Chromecast tab casting icon on tv

The problem was OS X firewall blocking the Chromecast device from communicating with the Chrome browser!

The Solution: Add a Firewall Exception (OS X)

  • Click on the Apple menu icon and select System Preferences
    Chromecast Firewall-00
  • Select security and privacy
    Chromecast Firewall-01
  • Click on the firewall tab, and unlock it to select firewall options
    Chromecast Firewall-02
  • Look for or add “Google”
    Chromecast Firewall-03
  • If there’s a “Block incoming connections” status, click on it to change it.
    Chromecast Firewall-04
  • Select “Allow incoming connections”
    Chromecast Firewall-05

Tab Casting Should Now Work

  • TV: Make sure the Chromecast is setup and connected
    Chromecast tab casting-00
  • OS X: Launch Chrome browser and click on the Google Cast icon
    Chromecast tab casting-01
  • Select the Chromecast device
    Chromecast tab casting-02
  • Tab casting will start
    Chromecast tab casting-03
  • The Chrome browser casting icon turns blue
    Chromecast tab casting-04
  • A Chrome tabs contents will finally appear on the TV!
    Chromecast tab casting-05

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