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[Blackberry Bold 9780] Install OTA Apps Manually

The following explains the manual process for installing over-the-air (OTA) apps onto a Blackberry Bold 9780.

No Over-the-Air (OTA)

Many apps were designed for over-the-air (OTA) installation. More specifically, the phone’s web browser is used to click on the download link for automatic application installation.

It is a convenient process, but not always practical in the following cases.

  • There is no data plan and/or no Wi-Fi Access
  • The phone web browser is outdated and unable to render or access the web page

Both scenarios were recently encountered. A manual installation process was required instead.

Manually Install OTA Apps

To manually install apps without a phone data plan or Wi-Fi access do the following:

On a Computer with Internet Access:

  • Click on the link to download the jad file
    • i.e.
  • Open the downloaded jad file with a text editor
  • Examine the contents for RIM-COD-URL (there may be multiple instances)
  • Download each RIM-COD-URL (URL base is the same as the jad file)
    • i.e.
  • Connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable
  • Enter the password to enable the connection
  • Copy/move the downloaded files onto the phone
    • i.e. CaptureIt.jad CaptureIt.cod
  • Safely unmount the phone from the computer
  • Disconnect the USB cable

On the Blackberry Phone

  1. Launch the Files app
  2. Browse to the directory of the uploaded files
  3. Select the jad file
  4. Select Download
  5. The cod file will be copied locally and installed

The app will now be installed.


  • jad files are text files with information and links
  • cod files contain the binary code
  • Both files are required to install the app onto the phone

Launch the jad file on phone, and it will first check the local directory for the required cod files. If not found, then it will attempt to wirelessly download the files via a data plan or Wi-Fi access.

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