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Bitcoin Logo (PNG, SVG)

The following bitcoin logos were released into the public domain by bitboy on November 12, 2010. See Bitcoin Graphics in Vector Format.

They were originally released as one large vector image. Below are the logos separated into individual files.

Modifications From bitboy’s Work

  • Converted the one large vector file into 20 individual SVG vector files
  • Removed duplicate images
  • Reorganized and renamed the images
  • Scaled images to 900 pixels wide and exported to PNG files
  • Created an animated GIF of bitcoin kitty

Bitcoin Image Categories

Bitcoin_Logo.png | Bitcoin_Logo-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Logo.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Dark.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Dark-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Dark.svg
Bitcoin Logo Horizontal Dark

Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Light.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Light-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Horizontal_Light.svg
Bitcoin Logo Horizontal Light

Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical_Button.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical_Button-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Logo_Vertical_Button.svg
Bitcoin Logo Vertical_Button

Accepted Here | Cryptocurrency Files

Bitcoin_Accepted_Here.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here.svg
Bitcoin Accepted Here

Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Light.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Light-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Light.svg
Bitcoin Accepted Here Light

Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Rectangle_Border.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Rectangle_Border-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Rectangle_Border.svg
Bitcoin Accepted Here Rectangle Border

Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Round_Border.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Round_Border-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Accepted_Here_Round_Border.svg
Bitcoin Accepted Here Round Border

Bitcoin_Cryptocurrency.png | Bitcoin_Cryptocurrency-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Cryptocurrency.svg
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Gold Bitcoin

The original Illustrator vector file used features not compatible with the SVG format. The first gold bitcoin vector, of the nine, was isolated and saved as an individual AI file.

Gold_Bitcoin.png | Gold_Bitcoin-4800px.png |
Gold Bitcoin

Kitty Files

Bitcoin_Kitty.png | Bitcoin_Kitty-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Kitty.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin_Kitty_Left.png | Bitcoin_Kitty_Left-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Kitty_Left.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Bitcoin_Kitty_Right.png | Bitcoin_Kitty_Right-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Kitty_Right.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Me Love | We Love Files

Me_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal.png | Me_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal-4800px.png | Me_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal.svg
Bitcoin Logo

We_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal-4800px.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Horizontal.svg
Bitcoin Logo

We_Love_Bitcoin.png | We_Love_Bitcoin-4800px.png | We_Love_Bitcoin.svg
Bitcoin Logo

We_Love_Bitcoin_Border.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Border-4800px.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Border.svg
Bitcoin Logo Files

Bitcoin_Org_Vertical.png | Bitcoin_Org_Vertical-4800px.png | Bitcoin_Org_Vertical.svg
Bitcoin Logo

We_Love_Bitcoin_Org.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Org-4800px.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Org.svg
Bitcoin Logo

We_Love_Bitcoin_Org_Border.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Org_Border-4800px.png | We_Love_Bitcoin_Org_Border.svg
Bitcoin Logo

Animated GIF

For fun the Bitcoin Kitty was animated into a two frame GIF image. Delay was set to 1000ms with a continuous loop.

Bitcoin Logo

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