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Acer UEFI Boot From CD/DVD (AXC-605-ER30)

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The following explains the process to boot from CDs/DVDs or Live-USBs on the Acer Aspire XC-605 desktop computer.

Manufacturer: Acer
Desktop Model: AXC-605-ER30
CPU: Intel Core i3-4130


The Windows 8 desktop computer has a UEFI with a legacy BIOS mode. By default DVDs, CDs, and USB devices cannot be booted from, like most computers with a BIOS.

When a Live-CD was inserted into the DVD drive, and a Live-USB was inserted into a USB port they were ignored and the computer booted straight into Windows 8. The UEFI settings needed to be changed and the computer was rebooted.

The boot screen displayed:

  • Press <Del> to enter setup

After pressing the Delete key the BIOS menu appeared. The DVD drive was shown as the “2nd Boot Device”. As a result, the boot priority order was altered and “CD&DVD” was configured to be the “1st Boot Device”. The computer was rebooted, and again the Live-DVD was ignored.

Further configurations were required.

Automatically Boot from CD/DVD

To get the Acer AXC-605-ER30 to boot first from the DVD drive, do the following:

  1. Press Delete to enter the BIOS setup
  2. Under the Authentication tab, disable Secure Boot
  3. Under the Boot Options tab, set Launch CSM to Always
  4. Under the Boot Options tab, set 1st Boot Device to CD&DVD
  5. Under the Boot Options tab, enable Boot Menu
  6. Save the changes and exit

The AXC-605-ER30 will now first attempt to boot from the DVD drive. Moreover, if the boot menu is accessed (F12), the DVD drive, hard drive, and USB drives (if detected), will appear as boot options.

With Compatibility Support Module (CSM) set to always, hard drives, CDs/DVDs and USB devices will boot in a legacy BIOS compatibility mode.

Acer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-01-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-02-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-03-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-04-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-05-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-06-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-07-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-08-thumb.jpgAcer AXC-605-ER30 UEFI-Boot-from-DVD-09-thumb.jpg

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