Puslinch Tract (Twin Ponds)


Name: Puslinch Tract
Alias: Twin Ponds
Landowner: Grand River Conservation Authority
Location: Wellington Road 32 (Just South of the 401 Bridge)
Cambridge, ON N3C 2V4
Trail Map: No official mountain biking trail map
Fees: None
Trail Reviews: http://trails.mtbr.com


West Parking Lot
(Main parking lot)
4325-4375 Wellington Road 32
Cambridge, ON N3C 2V4

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South Parking Lot
(Quicker access to technical trails)
Concession 2
Cambridge, ON N3C 2V4

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There are over 18km of off-road mountain biking trails to explore. However, the trails are unofficial and maintained by the local community (cyclist, hikers, horseback riders). As a result, the trails are more unpredictable and natural. Roots, rocks, and fallen trees are everywhere. But don’t let that deter the novice bikers. The trails are divided into two areas known as the pines and the hardwoods. The pines tend to be a smoother ride through the pine forest; though, there are still hills to climb. The hardwoods sections, tend to be a lot more technical. They are composed of bigger rocks, roots, steeper hills, and sharp unpredictable turns. One minute is a smooth downhill section, followed by a blind turn leading up a steep hill full of rocks and roots. Come prepared for the unexpected, and it can be tons of fun!

There is an official double tract trail used primarily by hikers and dog walkers. It is separate from the unofficial biking trails, but they do occasionally criss cross other. Remember to yield and give way to each other.

With no official trail crew (yet), it means the trails are not maintained. First, there are no trail signs and no official map for mountain bikers. Second, there is a primary biking loop that connects all the major trails together; but, there are many trails splintering off from it. This does allow a cyclist to add, subtract, and repeat sections depending on time. However, for first time visitors, I recommend exploring the trails and learning them. For the directionally challenged, it is best to ride with cyclist who know the trails. Third, traffic could be coming from multiple directions. Watch out for other cyclist, walkers, hikers, and horse back riders. Fourth, trails are constantly changing. If a large tree falls, it will remain there for awhile. Then again it may be ramped with branches to form a nice log pile!

There are two parking lots. I recommend parking in the west lot, as it’s much larger. The south lot, however, is convenient for gaining quicker access to the hardwoods.

In summary, the trails are less groomed and thus more technical. Definitely not for everyone. For maximum enjoyment, it helps to know the trails or to ride with someone that does. Then again, it can also be lots of fun to explore and learn new trails.

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Puslinch Tract (05/18/13)

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