Name: Hydrocut
Location: Waterloo
Website: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/
Trail Map: http://waterloocyclingclub.ca/mtb/trails/maps
Fees: None
Trail Reviews: http://trails.mtbr.com #1
http://trails.mtbr.com #2


Glasgow Parking Lot
(Main parking lot)
1522-1696 Glasgow St
Waterloo, ON N2J 3Z4

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Pines Parking Lot
(Watch out for dangerous railroad crossing)
1850-1966 Snyders Rd E
Wilmot, ON N0B, Canada

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The Waterloo Hydrocut offers over 24km of off-road mountain biking trails. It’s basically all hills that are fast, flowy, and fun! The hills are all smooth and free of roots and rocks. The trails are highly visible and lack sudden sharp turns. These factors greatly benefits your momentum when biking up and down the hills.

Scattered throughout the trails are officially maintained log piles, rock piles, half-pipes, boulders, and bridges. But, there is almost always a bypass around the obstacles. In other words, they enhance the trails, but are not mandatory.

The trail crew do a great job of maintaining and adding/extending trails. Fallen trees are quickly cleared. Trails are well marked with trail signs.

Navigation is fairly simple. The trails are all one-way and form one giant loop. There are, however, a few points to bypass certain sections or to exit early back to the car park.

Only downside is the trails are next to a garbage dump site. Hence trails like “Stinky Girl” can get nauseating from the smell. Fear not, though, as it is brief.

Definitely worth visiting the trails a couple times a year. Though I don’t know about frequent visits unless it’s nearby. The trails are a blast, but it’s consistently the same since the trails are one way. It would be nice to form different loops or to try some of the trails in reverse. Despite that, the Hydrocut is one of the better trails for night riding! It looks and seems like a different trail, while remaining smooth and highly visible.

As for parking, there are two lots. The main lot is just off of Glasgow Street, and right next to the hydro towers. I recommend sticking to that lot as it’s much larger than the other lot. The pines parking lots is rather small and can fit a couple of cars. It’s also just after a dangerous rail-road crossing. Be very careful when driving across the rail-road tracks as there may be no warning of oncoming trains. Personally, I find the pines lot useful only for accessibility reasons (i.e. injured cyclist needs help).

In the end, I recommend visiting the Hydrocut. Check out the whole loop, as the sum of all the trails is a great experience.

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