Arkell Spring Grounds


Name: Arkell Spring Grounds
Alias: Arkell Forest, Arkell Spring Trails
Landowner: City of Guelph
Location: East of Guelph in the Township of Puslinch
Fees: None


The Arkell Spring Grounds property is located east of Guelph in the Township of Puslinch. The Eramosa River bounds the property to the north, Wellington County limits to the east, Arkell Road to the south, and Watson Road to the west.


There are two primary parking spots near the area.

  • On Watson Road, there are parking spaces outside the Smith Property Loop. However, it is 0.8 km from the main trail entrance (orange blazes).
  • On Arkell Road, there is the Starkey Hill parking lot. Directly across the road is the start of the Arkell Side Trail (blue blazes). Note, Starkey Hill trails are hiking only.

Park on Watson to access the main trail, or park on Arkell for quick access to the Arkell Side Trail. Cyclists will want to enter from Arkell Road for quick access to the technical trails.


  • Watson Road entrance can be identified by a sign and a stepladder over a fence.
    Arkell Srping Grounds-Watson Rd Entrance
  • Arkell Road entrance can be identified by a small rock pile, and blue blaze on a utility pole. It is located opposite of Starkey Hill. Note, Starkey Hill trails are hiking only.
    Arkell Spring Grounds-Arkell Rd Entrance


Two official trails exist in the property.

  • Orange Trail (3.97 km) – The main trail starts from Watson Road and heads north and connects to the Radial Line trail. At the end there is a metal gate and fence separating the properties. Beyond the gate is private property, hiking only.
  • Blue Trail (1.39 km) – The Arkell Side Trail starts from Arkell Road, and connects to the main trail (orange blazes).


The property boundary of Arkell Spring Grounds is marked in red. Land inside the red boundary is owned by the City of Guelph. Land outside of the boundary is privately owned.

Arkell Spring Grounds-Map
Link to map

Trail Use Policy

  • Stay on the trails
  • Follow the blazes
  • Do not camp or light fires
  • Protect trees, crops, and wildlife
  • Keep dogs on leash
  • Carry out your litter

Arkell Forest Trail Use Policy

Arkell Side Trail Blazes (Blue)

Turn Left
Arkell Side Trail Blaze-Left
Turn Right
Arkell Side Trail Blaze-Right
Arkell Side Trail Blaze-Straight
End of Side Trail
Arkell Side Trail Blaze-End of Side Trail

Main Trail Blazes (Orange)

Turn Left
Arkell Trail Blaze-Left
Turn Right
Arkell Trail Blaze-Right
Start of Trail on Right
Arkell Trail Blaze-Start of Trail on Right
Arkell Trail Blaze-Straight


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