Singapore: Ketam Mountain Bike Park


Name: Ketam Mountain Bike Park
Address: Pulau Ubin
Trail Map:
Fees: Park is free. Ferry costs SG$2.50/person + SG$2.00/bike


Located around the fringe of a quarry in Pulau Ubin, it is the first Singapore mountain bike park to meet IMBA standards. It features 10 km of off-road mountain biking trails in a 45-hectare plot of land.

The Good

It’s Singapore’s largest mountain biking park with a bit of variety. Some medium hills, rocks, roots, and a mini-skills park. The flow of the trails is nice, and there’s variety in the terrain.

It’s great that Singapore has such a trail given the dense population and very limited land.

The Bad

It’s short with 10km of trails that are one-way only.

Recommend biking the trails at least twice in a row. Three times is even better if not biking to the trails. Also consider cycling the island roads for extra variety.

The Ugly

Hot weather and high humidity is killer. Expect temperatures of 33+ °C and 90% humidity in the summer. Be sure to bring lots of water for hydration.

Also watch out for animals. There are some large aggressive lizards on the trails. Try not to confront them and they will begrudgingly move off the trails.

The Verdict

Let’s just say it’s great that Singapore has a mountain biking trail given the limited land. Tourists already in Singapore should check it out. Just remember the trails are short.

Additional Information

Additional trail information for the Ketam Mountain Bike Park has also been posted at the Google+ community Singapore: Okay Bike, Lah!

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