Continental Trail King 26 x 2.4 (Wire Bead)


Manufacturer: Continental
Name: Trail King 26 × 2.4
Alias: Rubber Queen 26 × 2.4
Bead: Wire
Weight: 1050g
Min/Max Pressure: 45 / 58 psi
Store: Grand River Cycle
Price: $37.50
Tire Reviews:


Small and light downhill tires. The Trail Kings are designed for technical terrain.

Why Did I Buy Them?

I was looking for a rear tire that would give more traction when climbing off-road hills in the winter snow. My current tire was spinning in the snow too much.

These are high volume tires, with widely spaced but low profile knobs. It looks ideal for off-road winter biking. Also, according to Continental, these are designed for off-road biking on technical terrain (roots and rocks).

Why the Wire Bead?

The wire bead version was chosen for it’s cheaper price and harder rubber. The kevlar bead version is more than double the price and weighs 870g, a small 17% reduction in weight. In addition, since the tire will be run at lower pressures, the wire bead should help to keep the tire on the rim. The harder rubber is also preferred in the colder temperatures, as the knobs flex less and dig better into the snow.

I may consider upgrading to the kevlar bead after this tire wears out.

Is it a Front and/or Rear Tire?

The Trail Kings are designed for both front and rear wheel use. Note the different direction when mounting them onto the rim.

Would I Buy this Tire Again?

Yes, if looking for a low cost large volume knobby tire. It’s hard to find quality tires at this price point. In addition, it took only five days for a local bike shop to special order and receive this tire.

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