Fat Bike Parts

The following lists known fat bikes components and parts such as cranks, forks, hubs, rims, tires, tubes, etc.

Obviously, Surly is the most well known manufacturer of parts thanks to it’s Pugsley fame. But, they are not the only option.

Recently, fat bikes have seen a surge in popularity as they are not limited to snow biking. They are also great for adventure biking and having fun.

Many manufacturers have noticed the increased popularity trend as there are now over 70 different fat bike options available for purchase. See the article, Fat Bikes: Fatty Got Back, for a list of complete bikes or frame only options.

With an increased number of fat bikes, there’s also an increased number of manufacturer producing parts for fat bikes. Which is a good thing as more options and increased competition should lead to lower prices.

Surly parts are still the most widely available and always a good option. I like them. However, they are not locally available everywhere and they can be hard to find. As a result, online shopping may be the only option.

Anyway, there were over 25 parts manufactures counted, and over 70 products counted.

The following lists were composed on August 2, 2013.


Cranks for fat bikes extra wide geometrey. Most cranks are threaded for 100mm bottom brackets shells.

Manufacturer Model
e*thirteen XCX+ Fatbike Cranks
Fatback Crank
Race Face Fat Bike Cranks – Turbine, Evolve, Chester, Respond, Atlas, and Ride
Surly Mr. Whirly Crank
MWOD Crankset
O.D. Crank


Forks designed for very wide fat tires. Most are designed to use a 135mm O.L.D. hub.

Manufacturer Model
616 Bicycle Fabrication Fat Fork
9:ZERO:7 Aluminum Fork
Borealis Bikes FF1 Fork
Carver Bikes Carbon O’Beast Fork
Ti O’Beast Fork
Fatback Carbon Fork
Aluminum Fork
Muru Cycles Swale [Al] fork
Swale [O] fork
Swale [Ti] fork
Quiring Cycles Steel Forks – FatBike (Unicrown)
Salsa Enabler Fork
SANDMAN Fixed Fork
German Answer Flame Wide – Upside down 90 mm travel fork
Surly Moonlander Fork
Pugsley Fork
Twenty 2 Cycles Steel Forks (Fatbike)
Vicious Cycles Snow Fork
White Brothers Snowpack


Hubs designed for fat bikes extra wide geometry. Typically the front hubs have a 135mm O.L.D., while the rear hubs have a 170mm O.L.D..

Manufacturer Model
616 Bicycle Fabrication Fat Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
9:ZERO:7 Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
Borealis Bikes FH1 Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 190mm O.L.D.
Fatback Import Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
US made Hadley Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
Hope Technology Pro 2 Evo Fatsno Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
Muru Cycles Eyre Hubs – Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm O.L.D.
Paul Components Disk RHUB 170 – Rear Disc Hub 170mm O.L.D.
Disk WHUBFront Disc 135mm O.L.D.
Phil Wood Snow Hubs – 32 or 36 spoke holes, Front 135mm O.L.D., Rear 170mm or 175mm O.L.D.
Salsa Enabler Front Hub – 135mm O.L.D.
Mukluk 2 Rear Hub – 170mm O.L.D.
Mukluk 3 Rear Hub – 170mm O.L.D.
SANDMAN Shimano XT Disc FH_M756 Modified 165mm O.L.D.
Surly New Model Hubs – Front Disc & Non-Disc, 135mm Black, No Cog Threading at All
Ultra New Hubs – Front Disc & Non-Disc, Silver or Black, 32h or 48h, 135mm O.L.D.
White Industries SnoWhite Front Hub – 135mm O.L.D.
SnoWhite Rear Hub – 170mm O.L.D.

Miscellaneous Parts

Unessential or special parts rated for fat bike use.

Manufacturer Model
45NRTH Heiruspecs Pedals
Helva Pedals
Surly MWOD Chainrings
Rim Strip


Very wide rims designed for off-road cycling in the snow.

Manufacturer Model
All Weather Sports Snowcat 44mm Rims
Fatback 70mm Rims
90mm Rims
Robs’son 32 Spokes, Single Wall/Double Wall, 26”, Red/Blue/Black/Silver, 80mm
36 Spokes, Single Wall/Double Wall, 26”/24”/20”,
Gold/Polished/Red/Blue/Black/Silver, 65mm/80mm/100mm
Schlick Cycles Northpaw-S 47mm Rim
Surly Rolling Darryl
Marge Lite
Clown Shoe
Vicious Cycles Graceful Fat Sheba – Center Drilled
Graceful Fat Sheba – Offset Drilled


  • (12/31/13) Robs’son wide rims added. Thanks to Shawn Brittan for submitting this.


Wide off-road fat bike tires. Minimum width of 3.8”.

Manufacturer Model
45NRTH Dillinger – Studded 26 × 4.0”
Hüsker Dü
On-One Floater Fat Tyre
Origin-8 Devist-8er
Devist-8er Ultralight
Surly Black Floyd 3.8
Big Fat Larry
Bud 4.8
Knard 26 × 3.8
Larry 3.8
Lou 4.8
Nate 3.8
Vee Rubber VRB-316(Speedster)


Large tubes for fat bike tires. Rated for 26×4.0” or larger tires.

Manufacturer Model
Sunlite Cycling Presta Valve Tubes – Sku: 63444 26×4.0 PV 32mm
Schrader Valve Tubes – Sku: 63392 26×4.0 SV
Surly Toob (Presta Valves)


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