Posted by CANbike on Tue, 5 Mar 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (03/05/13)

Went for a quick bike ride at Puslinch Tract as the weather forecast was looking poor for the rest of the week. Figured this would be the last chance to bike off-road for a while.

It was a bright sunny day with blue skies. Temperature was around -2 °C.

Bike was equipped with studded tires (front and rear) at 12 psi.

Upon arrival in the west parking lot, there were two unusual sites. First, two road bikes were locked up to the entrance gate. Didn't see the owners, but they have the right idea as it may be time to start road cycling. Second, there was some construction along the 401. As a result, the Township of Puslinch land was used as access to the highway. It was odd looking to see all the grass.

Anyway, I was out mostly to enjoy the nice weather; but, managed to bike the double track and a section or two of the pine trails. Overall conditions were poor, as the snow was melting in the sun. As a result, the snow trails were soft and wet in many areas. However, in the shade the snow was still firm but flotation was becoming a problem. In the end, I opted to focus more on the double track trails in the shade. On a more positive note, ice was minimal in the sun as most of it had become soft. However, it was still a problem in the shade.

If this warmer weather continues, I'll either have to bike early in the morning (when temperatures are well below zero) or switch to road biking.

Trails Conditions: Poor

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