Posted by CANbike on Mon, 4 Mar 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (03/04/13)

Went for a quick afternoon bike ride at Puslinch Tract.

Weather was warmish at -3 °C, and the sky was overcast.

Bike was equipped with knobby tires (2.5" front and 2.1" rear) at 10 psi.

All the double track snow trails were in great shape. There's been lots of snowmobile and foot traffic to pack the snow down. Flotation was a non-issue as the snow was firmly packed and smooth. However it was sometimes too smooth as the rear wheel would spin on the climbs. In addition, the rear wheel would also spin on the many iced up areas near the west parking lot. Outside of those areas the trails were great. However, studded tires probably would of been a better choice than regular tires for a more enjoyable bike ride.

The pines snow trails were in fair shape and ice was not a problem. In general, there's been very little traffic except for cycling tracks from previous rides. In some low lying areas the snow was a bit soft, while in others the snow has hardened a fair amount for improved flotation. Overall trails were 80% ridable. The flat areas were fine, while the medium hills were walked, and one section had a number of downed trees.

On another note, the pine's bumpy section formed by 3-4" deep frozen footsteps, has improved a bit since being dampened a little from last time. It was still a great workout, though, and completely ridable.

There were lots of trail users today. Most of them were friendly dog walkers. Maintenance crew were also out and cutting trees down. They also further packed the double track snow trails with snowmobiles.

The next ride will probably be equipped with studded tires. There was too much ice, especially near the entrance, which greatly slowed down my pace.

Trail Conditions: Fair+

CANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-01-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-02-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-03-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-04-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-05-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-06-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-07-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-08-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-09-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-10-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-11-thumb.jpgCANbike Puslinch Tract-030413-12-thumb.jpg