Posted by CANbike on Fri, 1 Mar 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (03/01/13)

Went for a quick afternoon bike ride at Puslinch Tract. Conditions were tough! Ice, loose crystallized snow, and hard bumps everywhere.

The skies were partly cloudy, and the temperature was around -5 °C. Pleasant enough weather to enjoy the trails.

There were a number of dog walkers and hikers out today.

Bike was equipped with 2.1" studded tires (front and rear) at 10 psi. Initial tire pressure was at 30 psi, but the tires would sink too much into the snow.

Double track snow trails were a mix of loose snow and coarse icy patches. Roughly 75% of the trails have been loosely packed by snowmobiles, hikers, snow shoes, and cross-country skiers. These trails were ridable but there was either a 1" layer of loose crystallized snow to plow through, or bumpy frozen footprints to bike over. The other 25% of the trails were covered with 2-3" of loose crystallized slow that was lightly trafficked by walkers. Top momentum and speed were key to plowing through the snow, otherwise the bike will get stuck in the trenches. Overall double track snow trail conditions were poor. Expect to walk portions of the trails.

Single track trails were covered with 1-3" of loose crystallized snow. Moreover, there was some traffic from hikers and dog walkers. Despite this, the snow was very tough to pedal through and inclines had to be walked. Due to a lack of time and difficulty, only 20% of the pines were attempted. Overall condition were bad and roughly 50% ridable.

Studded tires are recommend for the ice, while wider tires are recommended for the snow. Yet, neither is ideal due to the mixed trail conditions.

Trail Conditions: Poor. Expect Walking.

CANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-01-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-02-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-03-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-04-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-05-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-06-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-07-thumb.jpgCANbike-Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-030113-08-thumb.jpg