Posted by CANbike on Wed, 20 Feb 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (02/20/13)

Went for a quick late afternoon spin at Puslinch Tract today. Bike was equipped with 3" downhill tires (front & rear) at 8 psi.

Trail conditions varied greatly.

Double Track

The double track snow trails were very good, and just shy of great due to ice. There was lots of course ice under a thin layer of snow. A cautious and steady pace was in order as my bike was equipped with fat tires. Snowmobiles have been around and packed the snow nicely. At most 1 cm of snow covers a hard layer of coarse ice. The coarse ice is also rough due to lots of foot traffic. Thankfully, a fresh layer of snow has smoothed the double track winter trails, making it rather pleasant to bike. Studded tires are recommended.

Next time, I may switch to studded tires for a faster pace and to bike on the ponds.

Single Track

On the other hand, the single track snow trails were a mixed bag. I only had time to bike 3/4 of the pine trails. Roughly 15% of the pines have been heavily trafficked by walkers and cyclists. Those snow trails were nicely packed and about 6" wide. The other 85% of the trails were a different story. Very little traffic except for the trail cut by me on Saturday. The packed snow trail is only 3" wide and is difficult to stay on. Veer of it and the snow is at least 3" deep. Moreover, it was a hard crystallized snow to pedal through. Some walking was involved. The moderate hills, though, were climbable. The trails in the wooded areas were best. The sections in the open and lower areas suffered from snow drift and deep snow. Overall conditions were fair as 75% of the trails were ridable. Extra wide tires are recommended.

Trail Conditions: Fair (Icy)

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