Posted by CANbike on Sat, 16 Feb 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (02/16/13)

Went for a Saturday morning winter bike ride at Puslinch Tract (Twin Ponds). Trails were tough to bike!

Weather was fair with an overcast sky, snow falling, and a temperature around -6 °C.

There was a new 1-2" layer of fresh snow covering the previous layers of snow.

Double track snow trails were still ridable, but slow going. There was 1-3" of loose snow on top of packed snow. In addition, some of the snow was churned by ATVs this morning. Affected areas were still ridable, but traction was a problem. Overall double track snow trail conditions were poor, but probably ridable with regular tires.

I managed to bike/walk through the whole pines section and it was tough! Great workout though. There's been little to no traffic. In general, there was a 4-6" layer of snow covering the trails, and around one foot of snow in the lower lying areas affected by snow drift. Snow conditions consisted of an old layer and a new layer. The previous layer has iced up about 1 cm on the old surface. On top of that layer was a new 1-2" layer of fresh snow. Moderate hills were climbable. Larger hills had to be walked. It was roughly 65% biking / 35% walking or lots of short spurts of tough biking with plenty of breaks. Quite often the pedals were striking through the top layer of snow. Nonetheless, I managed to packed down a 3" wide snow trail with my bike in the pines section. Overall conditions were bad, and fat bikes are highly recommended.

Puslinch Tract was moderately busy this morning. Lots of dog walkers, hikers, and a few ATVs. They primarily stuck to the double tracks. I also encountered one other fellow forum member biking on the double tracks! So the cyclists were well represented this morning.

Trail Conditions: Poor

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