Posted by CANbike on Wed, 13 Feb 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (02/13/13)

Went for a quick bike ride at Puslinch Tract (Twin Ponds) today.

Weather was pleasant with clear blue skies, bright sunlight, and warmish temperatures around -2 °C.

The double track snow trails were firmly packed and iced up. The trails were extremely bumpy from all the frozen footsteps, snowmobile tracks, and bike tracks. Fully ridable with regular bike tires.

On the other hand, the single track snow trails (pines) remain mostly undisturbed except for the occasional animal tracks. Fortunately I swapped wheels for 3" downhill tires on Large Marge rims (65mm wide). There was 4-6" of snow to bike through and lots of pedal strikes with the surface of the snow. Pedaling was tough. The snow was crystallized and hardened. Not enough for flotation, but enough to create lots of icy resistance to pedal through.

Pace was slow and steady on the bike. However, most hills were problematic to climb and involved walking due to the deep snow. Modest hills, though, were okay to climb. The pines are roughly 75% ridable with ultra fat tires. Fat bikes are highly recommended.

Time was short and I was only able to break through a third of the pines snow trail. But it was a great workout.

Bike was equipped with 3" downhill tires (front and rear) at less than 10 psi.

Trail Conditions: Fair

Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-01-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-02-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-03-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-04-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-05-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-06-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-07-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-08-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-09-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-10-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-021313-11-thumb.jpg