Posted by CANbike on Tue, 5 Feb 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (02/05/13)

Went for a short late afternoon ride today at Twin Ponds. Trail conditions were mixed and ranged from fair to okay.

The pines and double track trails were well trafficked. There's less than 1 mm of snow on the trails. Due to the heavy trail usage the snow is soft and loose. Underneath the snow, the ground is frozen but loose. As a result, I had to increase the air pressure in my tires to decrease the heavy rolling resistance. These sections of the trails ended up being bumpier and harsher than normal.

Outside the pines trails, there was little to no traffic. Conditions were better as their was at least 1 cm of undisturbed soft snow covering the trail. The ride was much smoother and more pleasant. However, climbs were more difficult, as the rear wheel would spin and kick up snow on the steeper hills. The lack of a hard surface underneath the snow hurts the traction.

In the end, the pines trails are fair but the hardwoods would be too difficult due to the steep climbs and soft unpacked snow. Options are limited until there's a fresh snowfall to smooth out and pack down the trails. However, the weather was pleasant at around -5 °C and the trails were ridable albeit more casually.

I saw a woodpecker today, possibly a Hairy Woodpecker. Was unable to snap a photo as it would not stays still.

Also met some other cyclists, and dog walkers. As usual everyone was friendly and enjoying the nice weather.

Bike was equipped with regular tires (2.5" front, 2.1" rear) at 15 psi.

Trail Conditions: Fair

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