Posted by CANbike on Wed, 23 Jan 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (01/23/13)

It was a cold day for mountain biking today as the temperature was below -10 °C. However, it did make for a pleasant bike ride as the air was refreshing and the trails were crisp.

Both the pines trails and double track trails were covered with 2 cm of fresh snow, that was lightly trafficked with a couple of hiking footprints and a couple of cycling tracks. Overall, the snow remained either loosely packed or untouched.

Pace was good, but the medium size hills were challenging as the loose snow provided poor traction. Probably best to avoid climbing the steeper hills (hardwoods) as walking may be the only option. Going downhill, though, was lots of fun as the snow provided a soft layer to descend and slide down.

Bike was equipped with knobby tires (2.5” front, 2.1” rear) at 12 psi.

Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-01-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-02-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-03-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-04-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-05-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-06-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012313-07-thumb.jpg