Posted by CANbike on Sun, 20 Jan 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (01/20/13)

All the trails (pines, hardwoods) were good this morning. Pace was a little slower, though, as there's about 1 cm of snow covering the ground.

There is a little bit of coarse ice at the entrances due to the overnight rain, which was followed by freezing temperatures and snow flurries. The pines and hardwoods are clear of ice.

Temperature was around -5 °C, with strong gust of winds up to 45 km/h. Wind chill was around -13 °C. It's noticeably cold out in the open fields, but fine in the woods.

The pines area had a few fallen trees (medium size) which are ridable.

In the later part of the morning, many cyclist starting arriving at the trail.

The long term forecast is for more snow and a high of -6 °C for the week. Definitely favorable conditions for winter cycling.

Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-01-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-02-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-03-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-04-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-05-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-06-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-07-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-08-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-09-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-10-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-012013-11-thumb.jpg