Posted by CANbike on Thu, 17 Jan 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (01/17/13)

I had a short spin on my bike around Twin Ponds today. The trails were great! Fast and only a little bit of snow.

A snow flurry (2 cm) began during the start of the ride. Temperature ranged from -4 °C to -10 °C.

The ground of the Pines trail and Hardwood (1 & 2) trails were frozen solid, with only 1 mm of snow covering them. No ice. It was a rare winter opportunity for the Hardwoods to be ridable. However, I only had time to cycle a small portion of them.

The ponds are starting to freeze up again, but it is not safe. The ice is very thin.

As usual the trail users were friendly. Met a couple of hikers and one other cyclist.

The long term weather forecast is also looking good. More snow and falling temperatures are forecast for next week. With a high of -8 °C starting Sunday.

Puslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-01-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-02-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-03-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-04-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-05-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-06-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-07-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-08-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-09-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-10-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-11-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-12-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-13-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-14-thumb.jpgPuslinch Tract-Twin Ponds-011713-15-thumb.jpg