Posted by CANbike on Thu, 28 Nov 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract (11/28/13)

South of the border, it's American Thanksgiving Day. Up here, north of the border, it's Canadian Tire's Red Thursday to battle the upcoming Black Friday. Guess that makes them have a negative balance, instead of breaking even as they are in the red. Yeah, it's a terrible joke. Anyway, a trip to Puslinch Tract was made for some mountain biking fun.

Parking lot was empty except for one other car.

Weather was warmish with a temperature of -5 °C. The sky was overcast with a few snow flurries.

Roughly 25% of the trails were covered in light snow, while the rest were covered in frozen leaves or pine needles. Ground was frozen, but ice was not an issue.

The ponds were freezing over, but the ice was too thin to travel on.

Bike was equipped with regular mountain bike tires.

Encountered two other cyclists near the end of my ride.

Trail Conditions: Excellent

A Trail Lightly Covered with Snow

Puslinch Tract 112813-01

Parts of an Abandoned Car Rusting Away

Puslinch Tract 112813-02

A Few Crunchy Leaves Remain on a Hill

Puslinch Tract 112813-03

Packed Snow on the Double Track

Puslinch Tract 112813-04

Snow Covered Double Track Hills Equals More Fun

Puslinch Tract 112813-05

Lots of Leaves Still Remain on the Ground

Puslinch Tract 112813-06

A Slippery Frozen Pond

Puslinch Tract 112813-07