Posted by CANbike on Sun, 24 Nov 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract (11/24/13)

The first significant snowfall and overnight freeze occurred yesterday night. Time to start the winter mountain biking season at Puslinch Tract with a Sunday morning ride.

Bike was still equipped in summer mode with a 33:16 gear ratio and a Maxxis Hookworm 2.5" rear tire. It's a fun tire, but definitely a poor choice for snow. It's heavy, and it slides around too much in the snow. Nonetheless, it was great to get out on the trails again.

Weather was fantastic with clear blue skies and a temperature of -10 °C.

Trails were covered with a couple millimeters of snow and the ground was frozen. Ice was minimal and easily visible.

Lots of cyclists and hikers were arriving at the west parking lot, late in the morning.

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Fantastic Sunny Weather at the First Pond

Puslinch Tract 112413-01

A Minimal Amount of Snow Covers the Trail

Puslinch Tract 112413-02

Small Ice Patch in the Low Lying Area

Puslinch Tract 112413-03

The Glaring Sunlight at the Second Pond

Puslinch Tract 112413-04

A Light Covering of Snow on the Rocks

Puslinch Tract 112413-05

Twisty Turny Fun Trails

Puslinch Tract 112413-06

The Pine Trail

Puslinch Tract 112413-07

A New Mini Log Obstacle

Puslinch Tract 112413-08

The Rocky Rooty Section

Puslinch Tract 112413-09