Posted by CANbike on Sat, 25 May 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract (05/25/13)

Saturday morning ride at Puslinch Tract!

Temperature was around 8 °C. There was a wind gusting up to 30 km/h. Sky was mostly clear of clouds.

Moderate number of cyclists and dog walkers this morning. The low temperatures did not affect the outdoor enthusiast!

Trails were in good condition. Ground was damp, and slightly tacky. Don't remember seeing any puddles in the pines or hardwoods. Only saw one muddy spot in the usual troubled low lying areas.

Plants were starting to overgrow and encroach onto the trails. In one area, visibility was less than a meter! Even worse, was the twisty steep decent further along the trail. Luckily, I'm familiar with trail and knew what to expect around the corner. However, it could catch unsuspecting cyclists off guard.

For that matter, there were lots blind turns due to the overgrown plants. The sudden rocky/rooty climbs and descents can appear out of nowhere! This is one of the many reasons Puslinch Tract is great! The trails are more natural and less groomed.

Mosquitoes were getting bad. Got zapped a number of times when resting. Time to start spaying on the insect repellent.

Trail Conditions: Good!

CANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-01-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-02-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-03-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-04-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-05-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-06-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-07-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-08-thumb.jpgCANbike-at-Puslinch Tract-052513-09-thumb.jpg