Posted by CANbike on Sat, 16 Mar 2013

Trail Report: Puslinch Tract (03/16/13)

Went for a Saturday morning winter bike ride at Puslinch Tract. The trails were great.

Temperature was -6 °C, and the sky was overcast.

Bike was equipped with knobby mountain bike tires (2.3" front and 2.3" rear) at 10 psi.

Lots of dog walkers, hikers, and cyclist were using the trails this morning. Also encountered one fat bike cyclist (Surly Pugsley?) who was greatly helping to pack down the snow.

Double Track

The double track snow trails were excellent. Plenty of traffic has packed the snow nicely, and ice was not an issue. Pace was brisk. The northern hilly sections were less trafficked but the snow was firm and provided plenty of flotation. Lots of fun going down the bigger hills.

Twisted, and Siesta

The snow trails were in excellent shape. Plenty of cyclist have packed the snow into a 15 cm wide trail. Snow was only a couple of centimeters deep on the side of the trails, and provided plenty of flotation. Pace was brisk, and the snow trails were smooth and flowy.

Knee Wound

The snow trails were lightly packed compared to Twisted and Siesta, but in great shape. Pace was still brisk as only a couple of centimeters of snow covered the trails.

Fox Trail

The trails were in poor shape. Around 10 cm of snow covered the trails. Flotation was okay, but the trails have been hiked by a couple of walkers. As a result, it's full of deep holes making the hills too difficult to bike. The flat sections were still ridable, though. Most of the trails had to be walked. However, the descents down the hills were fun!

Rock Pit, Pine Loops

The trails were in great shape and have been heavily trafficked by cyclist. Up to 10 cm of snow covered the pine trails. In the lower lying areas, the packed snow trail was a bit bumpy but easily ridable. Veering off the trail, though, was okay as the snow was firm and provided flotation. Pace was good and hills were climbable.


The snow trails were good as they were lightly trafficked by cyclist. Around 7 cm of snow covered the trails. Flotation was good and the small rooty hills were climbable. The rooty turn section, though, had to be walked.

Riser Bar, Boot

The trails were in good shape as there was some light traffic from cyclist. Around 8 cm of snow covered the trail and flotation was okay. The larger hill had to be walked. At the end, the hardwoods looked really poor and untouched. As a result, those trails were skipped.

Poison Ivy

The trails were poor. Around 8 cm of snow covered the trails. The snow was solid and flotation was okay. However, there was some foot traffic resulting in lots of holes on the climbs. Other than that, the trails were ridable.

Trails Conditions: Great

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