Posted by CANbike on Wed, 24 Jul 2013

Trail Report: Kelso Conservation Area (07/24/13)

Weather was fantastic today with a temperature of 20 °C, bright sunlight, and blue skies. Of course this meant an afternoon trip to Kelso Conservation Area for some off-road fixie fun on the mountain bike!

Obviously the bike was not ideal for Kelso with a gear ratio of 35:16 and a Maxxis Hookworm as the rear tire. Nonetheless, the goal was to relax, have fun, and enjoy the weather.

Upon arrrival in the parking lot, it appeared that many other cyclists also had the same idea. In fact, one of them was an off-road unicyclists with some awesome skills!

As a side note, the "Summit Gatehouse" was fenced off for construction. A temporary gatehouse has been setup.

The trails were in fantastic conditions, as expected for this time of year. They were dry, fast, and flowy. Moreover, they were clear of fallen trees and debris. The only issue was the overgrowth on some of the trails. It wasn't bad as the trails were trimmed, but the grass and weeds are growing very rapidly this year.

Lots of Red Currants and Crab Apples were encountered on or near the trails. It's been a good year for fruits!

There were some minor changes to the trails. First, one new log pile was encountered on X-treem Trail. It was ramped. Second, a portion of Momentum Flow was closed.

A break was had at the lookout point on the escarpment. The view was spectacular with the sunny weather. A few more photos were taken from different angles and perscpectives.

Surprsingly mosquitoes were not a problem today. The mosquitoes were sparse and passive. However, bug spray was still applied to deter them.

Overall a fantastic day due to great weather and trails.

Trail Conditions: Great

Kelso Conservation Area-072413-01-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-02-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-03-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-04-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-05-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-06-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-07-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-08-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-09-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-10-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-11-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-12-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-13-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-14-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-15-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-16-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-17-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-18-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-19-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-20-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-21-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-22-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-23-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-24-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-25-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-26-thumb.jpgKelso Conservation Area-072413-27-thumb.jpg