Posted by CANbike on Wed, 1 May 2013

Trail Report: Kelso Conservation Area (05/01/13)

It was a bright sunny day with a temperature of 24 °C. Of course I had to sneak off for an afternoon mountain bike ride at Kelso!

Trails were fantastic today as the warm weather and bright sun has rapidly dried out the trails. The trails were dry and solid making for a faster pace ride. Only a few areas remained tacky.

The puddles noted from the Trail Report: Kelso (04/30/13) on the double tracks have dried up. The one muddy spot, noted in the Trail Report: Kelso (04/30/13) on the single tracks, has also dried up.

There were more than 20 cyclists this afternoon. All having a good time and also enjoying the weather.

The animals were also out an about. At one point I sensed something watching me. Of course I looked up and there were several Turkey Vultures either flying around or perching on the trees!

Trail Conditions: Great!

Kelso Conservation Area: Trail Pictures


Kelso Conservation Area: Turkey Vulture Pictures

Kelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-01-thumb.jpgKelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-02-thumb.jpgKelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-03-thumb.jpgKelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-04-thumb.jpgKelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-05-thumb.jpgKelso-Turkey Vulture-050113-06-thumb.jpg