Posted by CANbike on Tue, 30 Apr 2013

Trail Report: Kelso Conservation Area (04/30/13)

Yay! Kelso Conservation Area is now officially open for mountain bikers. Of course I had to sneak off for a late afternoon spin on the trails.

Overall conditions were very good. The trails were mostly dry, though a little tacky in some places.

There were some puddles (less than 10), mostly small, primarily located on the double tracks, and easily avoidable. In addition, there was only one small muddy patch on the trails.

The trails were great as the Halton trail crew has went through and cleared everything up. Debris and fallen trees have been sawed and moved off the trails. In addition, the stunts have been cleaned up and are good to go.

Temperature was around 20 °C and the sky was partially cloudy.

Trails were also well used. Met at least 10 cyclists this afternoon.

Trail Conditions: Very Good