Posted by CANbike on Sat, 15 Jun 2013

Trail Report: Hydrocut (06/15/13)

It was a bright Saturday morning with a temperature of 20 °C, and clear skies. Of course this meant a late morning group ride with some friends at the Hydrocut.

Unfortunately, the trails were in rather bad shape. Despite the last few sunny days, there were several muddy spots and a few muddy stretches of trails; which meant walking and slow biking to minimize damage to the single tracks. "The Bride" trail was the worst and consisted of long muddy stretches. This was a huge surprise as they were very dry a couple weeks ago. See Trail Report: Hydrocut (05/27/13). In addition, the early season flooded spots on Frankenstein were dry.

Given the conditions, only the northern section and a little bit of the south section were biked.

Mosquitoes were terrible today. They were abundant and aggressive.

There were a fair number of cyclists out this morning. Most were taking a leisurely ride due to the trail conditions and their own conditioning.

Also look out for The BOSS, a kids Supercycle single speed. It was located 3/4 of the way into the Frankenstein trail. Don't know if it's sadder or funnier, to see an abandon kids bike this far into the hilly and technical trails. How it got there shall remain a mystery.

Given the muddy conditions, it's best to avoid the Hydrocut for now. It probably needs 4-6 more days of hot sunny weather to dry out.

Trail Conditions: Poor!