Posted by CANbike on Mon, 27 May 2013

Trail Report: Hydrocut (05/27/13)

May 27, 2013 was a really slow work day due to the Memorial day long weekend south of the border. As a result, a fun afternoon trip was made to the Waterloo Hydrocut!

Upon arrival, it looked like several other cyclists had the same idea as both Glasgow parking lots were fairly busy.

The trails themselves were in great shape, though lacking a few features. Apparently some of the logs and rocks have been removed by trail patrons. See the WCC post, Please DO NOT Move the Logs, for more details. It's a shame as those elements were lots of fun and well constructed.

Most of the illegal trail work occurred on the north side trails. During the ride, the absence of features was noticed and made things a bit mundane. The bigger obstacles had bypasses for novices, while the smaller obstacle were ridable with a little bit of practice. Don't know why people would remove them.

On a more positive note, the WCC trail crew has added some new features such as bridges, boardwalks, and one foot drops.

As for the ground, it was bone dry and firmly packed. Even the flooded pond area on Frankenstein, as reported in Trail Report: Hydrocut (05/06/13), was dried out!

Unfortunately, mosquitoes were bad as they were abundant and aggressive. Stopping for a second, would result in immediate insect bites on the arms and legs. Silly me forgot to bring insect repellent.

Weather was back to normal as the temperature was around 20 °C, while the skies were clear.

Trail Conditions: Great!