Posted by CANbike on Thu, 5 Sep 2013

Trail Report: Guelph Radial Line Trail (09/05/13)

Temperature was coolish today at 16 °C, but it was sunny with clear skies. Could not resist a quick spin on the bike to enjoy the weather.

Cooks Mill Road Construction has Ended

First thing of note, was the removal of the construction signs on Cooks Mill Road. The bridge was open to traffic!

There was no need for the 4.5 km detour down Carter road, left on Arkell road, and left on Watson road. The knobby MTB tires were thankful for this, as it was less wear and tear.

See, Trail Report: Guelph Radial Line Trail (07/20/13), for the first note on construction.

The Trails

It's September, but the trails were primarily in great shape. Most trail were dry, though dusty in some places.

The areas around the Stoneroad bridge were a bit eroded and loose. There were very sandy like conditions around the hilly sections.

On the other side of the bridge, the entrance next to the Barber Scout Camp was a bit wet due to recent rain.

Sections south of the Eramosa river were in great shape. All fallen branches and trees have been cleared. In addition, some trail users clearly had some fun making benches and smiley faces.

The midpoint section section with the mini-bridge crossing was a bit wet, though. In addition, the mini-bridge was missing a few rungs but still rideable.

Most of the trails need a bit of trimming due to plant over growth, but they were still okay.

There were plenty of cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers today. All were enjoying the nice sunny weather. The Radial Line Trail east of Watson road, was a bit busier with more dog walkers and joggers. Still, everyone was friendly and smiling.

Overall, mountain biking was very pleasant today because of the bright sunny weather and coolish temperatures. Hopefully this weather last for the rest of September!

Trail Conditions: Great

Guelph Radial Line Trail-090513-01-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-090513-02-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-090513-03-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-090513-04-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-090513-05-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-090513-06-thumb.jpg