Posted by CANbike on Sat, 20 Jul 2013

Trail Report: Guelph Radial Line Trail (07/20/13)

It was another hot afternoon with a slightly cooler temperature of 25 °C (humidex 28)

According to news reports, a vicious storm hit Guelph last night and early this morning. There were several downed trees and branches.

I was in the area to help cut some downed tree branches for a friend. Afterwards, a bike trip along the Guelph Radial Line Trail was made to relax, to photograph, and to view the storm damage.

Note: The bridge on Cooks Mill road was closed due to construction. As a result, an alternate route was taken to start the off-road biking.

The trail from Cooks Mill road to the Barber Scout Camp was in good shape. No noticeable damage.

Continuing from the Barber Scout Camp to Victoria road, the trails were also in good shape, though there was some debris from trees.

Crossing Victoria road and taking the trails south of the Eramosa river was surprising. There were fallen trees, branches, and debris everywhere. Moreover it got noticeably worse approaching Gordon street. Some of the trees and branches made for fun obstacles, while others could be biked underneath. However, there were a number trees and branches that were not ridable. Walking around them, or over them were the only options.

Watch out for fallen trees and branches when descending down the hills. They were ridable, but may catch a cyclist by surprise.

Biking north on Gordon street, revealed many down trees along the Royal Recreational Trail. West of Gordon street, the trails were closed off with police tape. There were down trees, branches, and police tape everywhere. It look like disaster had hit the area.

West of Gordon was not as bad. After crossing the covered bridge, the double track and trails down by the river looked okay. Midway through, there were lots of downed trees and trails closed off by police tape. Best route was to backtrack a little and bike, on the grass fields, around these areas.

After hitting Victoria road again, the upper cliff trails south of the Eramosa river were biked again. However, at the bottom of the final descent, a right turn was made to bike back towards Stone Road. Unlike. the upper double track, the lower double track by the river had many downed trees. They also had some Canadian Geese hanging out under the Victoria road bridge.

Today there were lots of cyclists, dog walkers, and joggers enjoying the Guelph Radial Line Trail. Of course a common topic was the number of downed trees and branches.

Bike was equipped with wide tires (front: Maxxis High Roller 2.35, rear: Maxxis Hookworm 2.5) and a fixed hub.

Trail Condition: Good Despite Many Downed Trees

Guelph Radial Line Trail-072013-01-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-02-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-03-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-04-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-05-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-06-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-07-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-08-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-09-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-10-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-11-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-12-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-13-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-14-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-15-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-16-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-17-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-18-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-19-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-20-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-21-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-22-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-23-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-24-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-25-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-26-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-27-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-28-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-29-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-30-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-31-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-32-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-33-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-34-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-35-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-36-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-37-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-38-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-39-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-40-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-41-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-42-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-43-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-44-thumb.jpgGuelph Radial Line Trail-072013-45-thumb.jpg