Posted by CANbike on Tue, 16 Jul 2013

Trail Report: Guelph Lake (07/16/13)

Humidity advisory was in effect with a temperature of 31 °C and humidex of 39. As a result, a trip was made to Guelph Lake for a leisurely mountain bike ride with some friends.

Unlike last time, see Trail Report: Guelph Lake (07/12/13), the higher ground trails were biked exclusively.

The upper city trails and pines were in fantastic shape as they were dry. Though they were bit overgrown in the fields.

Guelph Lake's upper ground trails were also in fantastic shape. It was a short ride but Mad Hatter, South Park, Devil’s Backbone, Child’s Play, Snake Charmer, Dragon’s Tongue, Firefly, and Upper Jurassic were biked. The trails were dry, flowy, and trimmed.

Grand Trunk Trail and Mad Hatter near the Victoria Road entrance were fairly good. The short sections to the Grand Trunk Pine Tunnel were a little bit tacky in some spots, but remained packed. The rest of the trails were in fantastic shape as they were dry and well trimmed.

There were a fair number of trails users today. Most of them cyclists.

The boat launch, near the trail head at Victoria Road, had a nice shady spot to cool off next to the Speed River.

Trail Conditions: Good

Guelph Lake-071613-01-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-071613-02-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-071613-03-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-071613-04-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-071613-05-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake-071613-06-thumb.jpg