Posted by CANbike on Fri, 12 Jul 2013

Trail Report: Guelph Lake (07/12/13)

It was a warm sunny afternoon, partial clouds, with a temperature of 24 °C. After a 2 weeks absence from biking, a trip was made to Guelph Lake!

When the Guelph Lake trails are dry, they’re fast flowy and fun. When they’re wet, they stay muddy for a while due to a number of low lying flood areas.

Alas, a number of the low lying trails were wet and muddy. They should be avoided due to flooding. With all the rain this year, it wasn’t looking too good for the trails.

The mountain bike ride started from the Riverside parking lot off of Woodlawn Road East and proceeded onto the city trails.

The upper city trails, including the pines, were in good shape. Unfortunately the lower trails down by the river were not ridable. They were mostly flooded with water. The Speed River water levels were higher then normal and flowing quickly. In some areas, the mid-level trails along cliff edges have also been washed out. In addition, there were some downed trees blocking the trails. For now it is best to stick to the pines and the upper trails.

As for the Guelph Lake trails they were either in good shape or poor shape. The lower area spots and trails should be avoided due to excess water and mud.

  • Homestead was okay. Take Roy’s Ridge 1 or 2 to avoid the muddy spots.
  • Roller Coaster, Mad Hatter, South Park, Devil’s Backbone, Link, Triple Bypass, Child’s Play, and Snake Charmer were in good shape.

The eastern half was a bit more mixed. As a result, only a few sections were biked.

  • Dragon’s Tongue, Firefly, Upper Jurassic, and Beach Cruiser were in good shape.
  • The Grand Trunk section near the second dam should be avoided. It was muddy and flooded with water. Use Beach Cruiser instead.

Near the boulders, someone had fun with the donation box and carved a message.

Mosquitoes were prolific and biting this afternoon.

Lots of other cyclists and walkers were enjoying the trails.

Despite the limited trail selection, it was fantastic to be outside in the warm weather. The view from the dams were great.

In the end, with the current heat and humidity, Guelph Lake made for a nice leisurely paced ride.

Trail Conditions: Okay

Guelph Lake Trails-071213-01-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-02-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-03-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-04-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-05-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-06-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-07-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-08-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-09-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-10-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-11-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-12-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-13-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-14-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-15-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-16-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-17-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-18-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-19-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-20-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-21-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-22-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-23-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-24-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-25-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-26-thumb.jpgGuelph Lake Trails-071213-27-thumb.jpg