Posted by CANbike on Sat, 16 May 2015

Trail Report: Arkell Forest (05/16/15)

It's the Victoria long weekend in Canada. With extra free time, a trip was made to the Arkell Forest for some trail exploration.

There are multiple entrances, though the most convenient access point for cyclists appears to be from Arkell Road, directly across from Starkey Hill.

Only a portion of the forest explored, but the trails were surprisingly enjoyable as they were mostly natural. Rocks, roots, branches, and the like. No groomed trails here! However, the local hiking club does maintain the trails to keep them free from excess debris.

As for hills, there were a number of short steep descents and climbs. They were of the intermediate technical nature due to rocks and roots. In addition, there were also a couple of large technical hills. Fun to descend, but difficult to climb on a single speed. A granny gear would of been nice for two of the climbs.

Lastly, the forest was a log pile paradise! There were many logs everywhere ranging from small piles to large piles. In addition, some sections had up to four consecutive piles to traverse. All were ridable and tons of fun.

  • Near the Arkell road entrance, the trails looked promising with all these rocks. Arkell Forest-051615-01

  • A fun descent down this hill. Glad I didn't have to climb it! Arkell Forest-051615-02

  • Some scattered rocks reminded me of Hilton Falls, and the Agreement Forest Arkell Forest-051615-03

  • This long climb was too much on the single speed. Photo is only of the top half of the hill. Arkell Forest-051615-04

  • Close-up photo of the large hill along with the rocks and roots. Arkell Forest-051615-05

Use of this trail is permitted by the city of Guelph. Failure to remain on the trail will result in the loss of this privilege.

  • Stay on the marked trails. Arkell Forest-051615-06

  • Rock piles were less common than log piles. Arkell Forest-051615-07

  • Log pile on a hill. Arkell Forest-051615-08

  • Arkell Forest Stewardship message. Ah, the source of some of these logs. Arkell Forest-051615-09

  • Massive but really fun log pile. Had to gain extra momentum to clear it. Arkell Forest-051615-10