Posted by CANbike on Wed, 27 Feb 2013

Trail Preview: Puslinch Tract/Twin Ponds (02/27/13)

Went for a quick afternoon walk around the Puslinch Tract double track loop to gauge the trails.

The snow was falling, at times heavily, while the temperature hovered around 0 °C. It made for lots of wet snow.

The double track loop looked to be in good shape as snowmobiles have already packed the snow down. The soft/slushy layer of snow was only 1-2" deep. On the other hand, the single track snow trails were untouched. While walking pass the crossing intersections, they looked surprisingly good with at most 2-3" of wet snow.

There were a number of fallen tree branches from yesterday's strong winds. Nothing too large or heavy though.

Things may get icy when the temperature drops below freezing for this weekend, as some of trails were covered in very wet slushy snow.

A few trail users were out today enjoying the snowfall. A couple of dog walkers, hikers, some snow shoes, and cross country skiers.

Until the temperature drops more than a few degrees below freezing, it is recommended to go for a walk or to bring out the skis.

Trail Conditions: Wet Slushy Snow

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