Posted by CANbike on Fri, 13 Dec 2013

Trail Pictures: Puslinch Tract (12/13/13)

Ha ha, pinch flatted the front tire today at Puslinch Tract. Decided to install a new tube in the cold weather, instead of wheeling the bike to the parking lot, as I wanted to continue mountain biking.

Anyway, trails were good. There was a new layer of snow. Ranges from 2-4 cm.

Temperature was around -9 °C (Wind Chill -14 °C).

Forecast for this weekend is 10-15 cm of snow. Looking forward to it!

Bontrager Jones XR 2.20"

Rear tire was a Bontrager Jones XR 2.20". It was terrible in the snow as it slips, slides, and spins too easily on hills. Of course, that should be expected as it's a semi-slick tire! Seriously though, I should swap it with a squarish knobby tire for the winter.


Fixed Gear 32:16 | Front Tire: Continental Diesel 2.5" | Rear Tire: Bontrager Jones XR 2.20"

Puslinch Tract 121313-01

A Single Track Trail with Bike Tracks and Foot Prints

Puslinch Tract 121313-02

Small Rock Pile Covered in Snow

Puslinch Tract 121313-03

Cutting a New Snow Track

Puslinch Tract 121313-04

A Fun Slippery Slope That is Steeper than It Looks

Puslinch Tract 121313-05

Two Inches of Snow has Fallen on This Log Pile

Puslinch Tract 121313-06