Posted by CANbike on Wed, 11 Dec 2013

Trail Pictures: Puslinch Tract (12/11/13)

It snowed a bit overnight (2-4 cm), and was snowing during the drive to Puslinch Tract. Temperature was -8 °C but felt like -15 °C due to wind chill.

Trails were still good, but covered in a fresh new layer of snow. Some spots had up to 1" of snow. Tire pressure was lowered to around 10 psi, a bit too low for these conditions.

Double track trails were loosely packed due to dog walkers and hikers. Single track trails were untouched and fantastic looking with all the fresh white snow.

Lots of people walking their dogs today. All were friendly.

Trail Conditions: Good

White Out Conditions Due to Fresh Snow

Puslinch Tract 121113-01

Roughly 1 cm of Snow on the Pine Trails

Puslinch Tract 121113-02

Making Maxxis High Roller 2.35" & Continental Trail King 2.4" Tire Tracks

Puslinch Tract 121113-03

Stopping to Admire the View

Puslinch Tract 121113-04

Breaking New Snow Trails

Puslinch Tract 121113-05

Typical Single Track Trail Conditions

Puslinch Tract 121113-06

Some Spots Have Up To 1" of Fresh Snow

Puslinch Tract 121113-07

Sun Setting - Time to Head Back to the Parking Lot

Puslinch Tract 121113-08