Posted by CANbike on Tue, 10 Dec 2013

Trail Pictures: Puslinch Tract (12/10/13)

It was a cloudy day with a temperature of -10 °C and a bit of sunlight. Surprisingly many hikers and dog walkers were taking a stroll at Puslinch Tract! All were friendly and said "hello".

Not much has changed since yesterday. In terms of cycling traffic, my cycling tracks were faintly visible in the snow. There was also a new pair of tracks from two other cyclists.

Opted for a fixed gear ratio of 33:16 today. Bike was equipped with knobby mountain bike tires (2.35" front, 2.4" rear).

Less photos, and more biking today!

Trail Conditions: Good!

The First Pond is Freezing over Nicely

Puslinch Tract 121013-01

The Mound Around the Meadow Near the 401

Puslinch Tract 121013-02

Snow is a Bit More Packed Compared to Yesterday

Puslinch Tract 121013-03

Double Log Pile on Fox Trail

Puslinch Tract 121013-04
It use to be one log pile, but a tree has fallen and created a second log pile. Now the route goes down a hill, over these two log piles, makes a 180° turn, followed by a twisty climb up a hill. Alas, the climb was a bit too much with the added snow!

A Fun Short Hill to Descend with Lots of Loose Leaves

Puslinch Tract 121013-05