Posted by CANbike on Mon, 9 Dec 2013

Trail Pictures: Puslinch Tract (12/09/13)

Overnight it was predicted to snow 2-4 cm. Decided to visit Puslinch Tract this afternoon for two reasons. One, of course was to go mountain biking! Two, was to experiment with the Sony DSC-V3 Night Shot mode.

Trail Conditions: Good!

Temperature was around -3 °C and falling. Sky was overcast and gray.

There was around 1 cm of fresh fluffy snow covering the trails. Traction was fine on small and medium hills. However, larger hills were more difficult, as the rear tire would spin and churn in the soft snow.

Trails were mostly untouched. Lots of fresh untampered snow to bike on. There were a few single tracks trafficked by hikers and dog walker. Though, most of the foot traffic was on the double tracks.

Only two other people, a hiker and a dog walker, were spotted on the trails.

Sony DSC-V3: IR + Visible Spectrum

Experimenting around with the camera, a good effect was discovered for winter. No filter was used, but the Night Shot (infrared) mode was enabled for relatively low ISO photos in low light areas.

Opening the JPG photo in GIMP, and applying Colors->Auto->Equalize resulted in high contrast photos. The snow would have more texture, while most of the plants would appear black, gray, or white (infrared effect) as opposed to an ugly brown color.

The Photos

A Few Footsteps After the Trailhead

Puslinch Tract 120913-01

Around 1 cm of Snow Covered the Ground

Puslinch Tract 120913-02

Having Fun in the Pine Section

Puslinch Tract 120913-03

Trails are Smoother Thanks to the Snow

Puslinch Tract 120913-04

No More Mud in the Low Lying Areas!

Puslinch Tract 120913-05

Top of a Hill

Puslinch Tract 120913-06

Bottom of a Hill

Puslinch Tract 120913-07

Twisty 180° Turns

Puslinch Tract 120913-08

Fresh Snow to Bike on in the Pines

Puslinch Tract 120913-09

A Trail Lightly Covered with Snow

Puslinch Tract 120913-10

The Land of Giants!

Puslinch Tract 120913-11

Tire Tracks in the Snow

Puslinch Tract 120913-12

Don't Bike into This!

Puslinch Tract 120913-13

Lots of Footprints on the Double Track

Puslinch Tract 120913-14