Posted by CANbike on Wed, 9 Oct 2013

Trail Pictures: Kelso Conservation Area (10/09/13)

Fantastic weather today with blue skies and a warmish afternoon temperature around 18 °C. A mountain biking trip was made to Kelso Conservation Area to check out the fall colors.

Distorted Teeter Totter

The Teeter Totter was in poor shape. It was still ridable, but it was slanted to the left. The A-Frame was looking warped, wobbly, and loose.

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-01

Strange Shriveled Up Fruit Thinks it is a Tennis Ball

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-02

Western View From the Trails

From Kelso's west lookout point, the Toronto waterline and CN tower were clearly visible. As crows fly, it is a distance of 46 km! It was really cool to see this today.

Unfortunately, my camera was unable to take a clear picture of the CN tower. Nonetheless, a 100% crop is included on the resized photograph.

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-03

Niagara Escarpment Muted Fall Colors

Fall colors were starting, but muted compared to last year.

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-04

Tree Fungus (Laetiporus Sulphureus) - I Hear It Taste Like Chicken

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-05

Mellow Yellow Bunny Ski Hill

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-06

Where's the Trail? All I See is Leaves!

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-07

Construction of a New Summit Gatehouse

Kelso Conservation Area-100913-08