Posted by CANbike on Tue, 8 Oct 2013

Trail Pictures: Guelph Radial Line Trail (10/08/13)

Went for a leisurely afternoon bike ride today. Alas, many of the leaves had fallen onto the ground before vibrantly changing color. Nonetheless, it made for fun bike ride with lots of crunchy leaves.

Biking a Trail Covered with Leaves

Rocks and roots were all hidden from view. Luckily the trails were easily visible.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100813-01

Lots of Crunchy Biking Fun!

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100813-02

Mostly Subtle Fall Colors

Last year there were lots of vibrant fall colors. This year the leaves were mostly yellow in color and falling.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100813-03

Overflowing Pond with a Hint of Red

The pond water levels were unusually high and flowing over the dam.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100813-04

Roadside Imp on a Tree Stump!

Noticed this guy from the country gravel road. There was a new tree stump, and the owner decided to decorate it!

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100813-05