Posted by CANbike on Tue, 1 Oct 2013

Trail Pictures: Guelph Radial Line Trail (10/01/13)

It’s officially autumn and the temperature was around a warmish 23 °C. The overnight tempertures, however, have been as low as 5 °C.

As a result of the lower overnight temperatures, leaves have quickly been changing colors and dropping.

Thought, it would be a nice opportunity to go biking and take some fall photos of the Guelph Radial Line Trail.

Country Side Yellow

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-01

Trail Contrast of Red, Green, and Yellow

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-02

A Close Up of a Red Leaf

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-03

Railroad Bridge: Angle One

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-04

Railroad Bridge: Angle Two*

*Stay off of the bridge as it is dangerous. A train can approach from either end at anytime. The bike was there only for photographic purposes.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-05

Crabapple Tree on Cooks Mill Road

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-06

A View From the Top of the Hill: Colors Slowy Shifting

Guelph Radial Line Trail-100113-07