Posted by CANbike on Sun, 10 Aug 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Radial Line Trail (08/10/14)

Wonderful sunny weather today with temperatures of 25 °C. Could not resist a mountain bike ride! Sorry no photos.

However, later in the day, a detour was also made for a quick spin through the Guelph Radial Line trail to snap some photos and check out the trail conditions. Of course conditions were great!

Note, the camera was accidentally set to 16:9 mode. Nonetheless, the few photo turned out well.

Overgrown weeds were towering over me as I biked up the hill.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-081014-01

Lots of lush green vegetation in the shaded woods.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-081014-02

The loose rocky hill at the apex of the loop. It is always fun to climb or descend.

Guelph Radial Line Trail-081014-03