Posted by CANbike on Tue, 25 Feb 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (2/25/14)

Went for a leisurely winter bike ride at Guelph Lake. Temperature of -10 °C this afternoon.

The icy city trails have been treated with sand and salt (See Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (02/23/14)). Though, caution should still be used when cycling on them.

Speedriver Trails and Guelph Lake trails were in good shape. The snow was packed and firm, providing lots of support. Even the lesser used trails were ridable. But all single track trails were continuously bumpy.

Trail Conditions: Good but Bumpy!

Single Track Snow Trails were Solid

Guelph Lake 022514-01

Even the Lesser Trafficked Trails were in Good Shape

Guelph Lake 022514-02

Stopped to Admire the Snow Covered Boulders

Guelph Lake 022514-03

Closeup of 3” Tire and Tread Pattern

Guelph Lake 022514-04

Glamor Shot of the 1×1=11

Guelph Lake 022514-05