Posted by CANbike on Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (09/24/14)

The weather was incredible this afternoon with a temperature of 21 °C. A trip was made to Guelph Lake with the intent some biking a photo taking.

However plans change. While out there taking pictures of the Homestead trails, I encountered another fellow cyclists whose name starts with M, that I hadn’t talked to for some time. He was on a new fat bike, the Specialized Fat Boy. As a result, we decided to catch up and bike together. Unfortunately, this meant know more photo taking. But I had fun chatting, biking, and enjoying some wonderful warm September weather.

The top of Rollercoaster looking at the farmer’s field Guelph Lake-Rollercoaster-092414-01

Starting rocks of Homestead Guelph Lake-Homestead-092414-01

Boulder in the middle of the trails – Angle 1

Guelph Lake-Homestead-092414-02

Boulder in the middle of the trail – Angle 2

Guelph Lake-Homestead-092414-03

Roy’s Ridge a trail of rocks

Guelph Lake-Homestead-092414-04

This is not the end but the beginning of a rocky trail

Guelph Lake-Homestead-092414-05