Posted by CANbike on Mon, 10 Feb 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (02/10/14)

Fantastic sunny weather today with a temperature of -11 °C. Opted to go fixed gear mountain biking at Guelph Lake!

Bike was equipped with knobby tires (2.35” front and 2.4” rear). Gear ratio was 33:16. Tire pressure was 10 psi.

The double track trails were fantastic as there was a 6” wide hard packed snow trail. Fast, flowy, and smooth.

Single track trail conditions varied from good to poor.

Major single track trails were heavily trafficked by numerous cross-country skiers and hikers. As a result, there was a nice 6” wide path for biking. Well packed snow trails were the eastern trails after the metal bridge down by the Speed River, the Speed River Pine Trails, the Grand Trunk Trails, and Devil’s Backbone.

South Park, Child’s Play, and Mad Hatter, on the other hand, were loosely packed but in fair shape. Still ridable, but more challenging.

Trails such as Homestead were in poor shape. They were lightly trafficked, and the snow was too deep for cycling.

Nonetheless, thanks to the cross-country skiers, hikers, and dog walkers there were lots of bikeable trails. It was a pleasant surprise and great day for biking.

Trail Conditions: Fair/Good

Two cameras were used today, as the batteries were low. One was for infrared photos, the other was for regular photos.

Infrared Photos

Admiring the Undisturbed Snow Down by the River

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-01

These Single Track Trails were Looking Good

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-02

Yummy! These Looked Like Giant Sized Eggs

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-03

Trail Fork: One is the Correct Path, the Other is a Shortcut

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-04

Some Nicely Packed Snow Trails Near Mad Hatter

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-05

Greeted with a Bright Sun at the Top of the Dam

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-06

Biking at the Bottom of the Slope

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-07

A Bumpy Windy Trail

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-08

A View of the Dam from Afar

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-09

A Close-Up View of the Freezing Dam

Infrared Guelph Lake 021014-10

Color Photos

Speed River Double Tracks were Fast and Flowy

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-01

Roots, Rocks, and Logs were Padded with Snow

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-02

Speed River Single Track Trail Condition

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-03

Devil’s Backbone Trail Condition

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-04

South Park Looking Okay

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-05

A Riverside Park Bench Covered with Snow

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-06

A Different Angle of the Snow Covered Bench

Normal Guelph Lake 021014-07