Posted by CANbike on Fri, 7 Feb 2014

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (02/07/14)

Finally had an opportunity to go mountain biking. Alas, over a foot and a half of snow fell in the past week. Nonetheless, the temptation to bike was too great!

Guelph Lake was the destination as it tends to be well trafficked in the winter.

Double track trails were good. Dog walkers, hikers, and cross country skiers have packed a 6 inch wide trail.

The single track trails, on the other hand, were in poor shape. Most of them were covered in over a foot of snow, and were not ridable. The exceptions were the Guelph Lake Grand Trunk Trail, and the Speed River Pine Trails across Victoria road.

In the end, managed a bike ride to the Dam from Riverside Park. Although, the distance was short, it was an invigorating workout.

Trails Conditions: Poor!

Double Track Snow Trails were Like a Long Skinny

Guelph Lake 020714-01

This Single Track Snow Trail was Getting Dicey

Guelph Lake 020714-02

Turnaround Time as There was Too Much Snow to Bike Along the River

Guelph Lake 020714-03

Speed River Pine Trails were Scenic Looking with all the Snow Covered Tree Branches

Guelph Lake 020714-04

A 6” Wide Snow Carved Trail

Guelph Lake 020714-05

The White Stuff was Everywhere

Guelph Lake 020714-06

A Snow Bike! Out of Curiosity, I Tossed my Bike Into the Snow

Guelph Lake 020714-07