Posted by CANbike on Tue, 19 Jan 2016

Trail Pictures: Guelph Lake (01/19/16)

Another 10-15 cm of snow fell yesterday! Morning exercise at Guelph Lake. There were a few dog walkers, hikers, and XC skiers, All were friendly and enjoying the weather.

Royal Recreational Trail looking good!

Guelph Lake-011916-01

Single track had some hidden ice patches. Watch out as your wheel may suddenly slide!

Guelph Lake-011916-02

The pine tunnel on Grand Trunk Trail.

Guelph Lake-011916-03

Homestead – GORBA Winter WASPcam Ride Series trail portion was smooth and flowy.

Guelph Lake-011916-04

Lookout from the top of the dam.

Guelph Lake-011916-05

Snow trenches on Beach Cruiser.

Guelph Lake-011916-06

Lower portion of Guelph Lake had even more snow!

Guelph Lake-011916-07

Cycling on the second dam.

Guelph Lake-011916-08

Downhill fun to Monkey Wrench.

Guelph Lake-011916-09

Another satisfying day biking at Guelph Lake.

Guelph Lake-011916-10